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WHAT: This website is dedicated to helping high school and college students interested in pursuing a STEM career (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) make educated decisions regarding a career path.


HOW: The podcast hosts practicing professionals, college professors and college students. The focus will be to provide insights into STEM professions, what is required to get through the curriculum and additional strategies to guide you towards a successful career.


WHY: For example, the engineering 1st year retention rate is roughly 75%, however, the 5 year graduation rate is only about 50%, thus only about 1/2 of students graduate with an engineering degree. We want to help increase the retention and graduation rate for all STEM degrees!

THE GOAL: The overall goal is to increase the graduation rate by igniting your passion in a STEM career by exploring current and emerging STEM career opportunities. In addition, the podcast will help prepare you to manage challenges that may arise during your studies. You will gain strategies and confidence to overcome potentially demanding classes, giving you an edge, and in today’s competitive environment you want to have an advantage!

My personal goal is to help you be successful!

91: Aerospace Engineer – You will fail a test or class along the way – Erin Young

Erin Young earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and works as a flight controls engineer at Boom – Supersonic. [1:10] What are careers available for Aerospace Engineering? – 2 paths space or aviation. – Erin went the Aviation route while at first thinking she was going the space…

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90: Mechanical/Robotics/Computer Science – Nothing Cooler than Being a Woman in STEM – Alexis Block

Alexis Block earned a Bachelor’s Degree BS in Mechanical and a Masters in Robotics from the university of Pennsylvania and her final degree will be a PHD in Computer Science. Her research: “HuggieBot” [0:50] Her undergrad is in mechanical, but her PHD is in Computer Science, how is that possible? – Her first programming class…

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89: Mechanical Engineer – From Sales to STEM Ambassador – Jay Flores

Jay Flores earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is heavily involved in STEM advocacy. [0:0] Started out in Sales at Rockwell Automation but over the last 3 to 4 years has been an ambassador for STEM. Jay is very passionate about helping kids find passion in STEM. [1:20]…

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