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10: Software Focused Electrical Engineer and Project Manager – Teresa Hutton

Teresa Hutton graduated with a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University and started out with an interest in image processing and was able to apply software techniques to implement electrical engineering concepts. Through the course of her career, she needed to make a decision whether to stay in the engineering role or move into project management. She decided she liked working with teams and enjoys making them as productive as possible and moved into program management role. She’s now a SCRUM team master/leader for a Server User Interface team which is almost a 180 degree change from the embedded software side she started out in.

When looking for new people for her team, she looks for individuals that are life long learners and and able learn new things. She has been able to leverage her participation in Toastmasters to help convey her messages effectively.

Parting piece of guidance is you have more potential than you can ever imagine!

Recommended books by Teresa:
“7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – Stephen R. Covey
“Game Storming” – Dave Gray
“Turn the Ship Around” – L. David Marquet
“Neverboss” – Kevin Crenshaw

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  1. Kevin Crenshaw on 10/16/2017 at 3:00 PM

    Love it! “Lifelong learners” are almost unstoppable. Especially when they’re teachable–anxious to learn from others and not just themselves. Teachability may be the best indicator of humility, and it builds teamwork and smarter teams.

    A successful electrician said that when he walked onto a new job site as an apprentice, he looked for the oldest, most seasoned, broken-down electrician he could find. (If they had arthritis, even better.) Then he made sure he worked beside them. He knew that if there was a faster, shortcut way to do something with the least effort, they’d know it, and he could learn by watching. A very different attitude than “I know what I’m doing!”

    Thanks, Teresa and Jeff, for mentioning Neverboss and Hands-Off Leadership. For those interested, the book isn’t on Audible yet, but can be found at

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