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11: RF Engineer/Electrical Engineer with Biomedical Emphasis-Amanda Emrich

Amanda Emrich graduated from Northern Illinois University with an Electrical Engineering degree with an emphasis in Biomedical and is now an RF (Radio Frequency) Engineer working on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Equipment. She actually has a teaching degree as well, and went back to school for engineering.

During her undergraduate degree she focused on antenna theory but on the job is where she was able to bridge the gap between theory and how to apply to practical problems. Amanda recommends that you always explore new opportunities, join organizations in college, attend career fairs, attend conferences, and volunteer at STEM events.

if interested in RF engineering check out microwaves101

For women pursuing engineering, Amanda recommends joining the Society of Women Engineers: SWE

Recommended book by Amanda:
“Microwave Engineering” – David M. Pozar

You can pick up a free audio book from Audible at
Free Audio Book from Audible

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