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38: General Engineering, Art and Innovator at Ford – Victoria Schein

Victoria Schein earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from Smith College and is currently a Design engineer and innovator at Ford Motor Company and is also heavily involved with Girls Who Code.

Victoria also has a strong background in Art and at Ford has 40+ patents. Her expertise is in innovation and really enjoyed the small class sizes at Smith College and appreciated the ability to focus her school projects into areas that interested her.

Autonomous vehicles really has her fired up being on the forefront of designing the next generation vehicles.

She mentions multiple times the importance of having a strong network along with mentors and her mom provided her the best advice “Do not settle for less and you only get what you settle for”.
She attributes staying organized as a habit that contributes to her success.

She really enjoys Ted Talks and the book she recommends is “The Start Up Of You” by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha.

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