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48: During college realized he did not want to be a traditional Aerospace engineer-Hai Chen

Hai Chen earned a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Kansas.

In Aerospace Engineering you learn a lot about structures, mechanics, dynamics, fluid dynamics to name a few. From a career perspective opportunities exist is companies in Aerospace, defense contractor, Boeing but any company that needs fluid flow engineers like automotive.

Hai did multiple internships as a traditional engineer but realized through those internships he really liked engaging with people and building social environments and being able to solve problems on a larger scale and realized after graduation he did not want to be a traditional engineer but still wanted to leverage his engineering degre. So he joined an international automation company and ran sales and consulted.

His area of expertise now and something he really enjoys is community building and driving growth and feels the world is hungry for authentic connection and communication with each other.

Talking with mentors and peers and what he calls recovering engineers he figured out that you can turn your STEM degree into an amazing career and he would have not taken a different path knowing what he knows now, he would go again for engineering vs a business or marketing degree.

He recommends getting into internships as early as you can to get the real world experience and moving from college into your career you have to be hungry to learn, advance, and have humility.

Book recommendation is “You Are Not So Smart” David Mcraney.

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