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52: Struggled With Depression; Seek Help and Get a Plan, Electrical / Physics Engineering-Will Knox

Will Knox earned an Electrical Engineering Degree and an Engineering Physics Degree from UW-Plateville and is a Power Supply design engineer at Extreme Engineering Solutions. He really likes the Analog (vs Digital) design aspects as it involves a lot of math to keep the power supply stable.

He applied for college without a particular goal in mind and just went to college to learn things. About half way through the semester he gradually stopped going to classes and the last half of the semester did no go to a single class and basically flunked out of college. He had applied and was accepted into Americorps starting in January through the summer. Will then started in college again the following fall and retook the classes and was able to earn a 4.0. Howerver a couple semesters later again stopped going to class and a friend recommended he go see the counseling services on campus. He was able to work though some classes with in-completes over the summer and then worked with an adviser to come up with a plan. The focus and plan really helped him to stay on task and in class and drive towards a degree.

He recommends having a plan but when you notice yourself getting less interested in that plan and not wanting to go to class go seek help immediately with the campus counseling service or your favorite professor. He also recommends that you find a good mentor as well and don’t be embarrassed about being depressed or asking for help.

Will likes Stack Overflow and books he recommends is “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card and “Infinite Jest” by David Foster Wallace.

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