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56: Mechanical Engineer-Being able to see it, made it the right choice-Bianca McCartt

Bianca McCart earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechancial Engineering from The University of Kentucky and is currently a technical career development leader and always involved with engineering.

As a junior in high school she had no idea about engineering as a career and really learned about it her senior year in high school, she always thought she would be a horse trainer or artist. She is a very visual person and hence mechanical engineering with being able to see it and put it together made it the right choice.

She worked in Turbine Engine Airfoil design and moved into a production work then into program management and then back into design, she has evolved her career over the years.

She is really fired up about hybrid electric aircraft engine and going forward she feels you need a somewhat diverse background and programming skills are always valuable.

Early in her career she was invited to be a mentee with one of the chief engineers along with another senior engineer and received different advice. The ah-ha movement was she realized there is not one right answer, so a take away is ask the same question to multiple people.

Best advice is to not get too attached to your plan, important to make a plan but things will change and you will need to adjust that plan.

One of her favorite internet resources is Quora.

The books Bianca recommends are The Broken Ladder
by Keith Payne and Wild Ones by Jon Mooallem.

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