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57: Harness that FASTER than normal ADHD brain, it’s a gift-Alex Nigh and Peter Shankman

This episode is different than the normal flow – we delve in a bit on how to harness the gift of having an ADHD brain. The ADHD brain is faster than normal and it is an advantage, not a deficit once you learn how to harness the power.

Alex Nigh is a Junior in college studying Computer Engineering and delves into some techniques he needed to implement to be successful – has been working to harness since 3rd grade:

Going to the library to study for 2 hours vs going to the library to study and learn was a big difference. Also you should probably triple the amount of time you think it is going to take to get your homework done and learn it.

He Needed to develop a ritual to get ready to go and study and also found that only bringing one subject along so not tempted to move onto another subject that might be easier was key. He also needed to find a place with very little distractions and listens to piano music on a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. The phone! that has to stay out of site, in a backpack in airplane mode – within 5 minutes he can forget it is there and now your are in the zone to study!

Furthermore When you go and study, don’t go with a specific time in mind, go with the intent to learn the material you need to learn.

In his internships, he always writes down a goal and a to-do list for the next day and follows a routine during the day so as not to get distracted.

Peter Shankman is a multiple book author, speaker and entrepreneur, you can find Peter at Peter Shankman
His Faster Than Normal ADHD Podcast.

Peter has has 4 rules:
1) Exercise – that provides the dopamine and serotonin he needs to get through the day.
2) Eliminate choice – and make sure he can get to the end result as quick as possible.
3) Sleep – needs at least 7 hours.
4) Dietary – limits carbs and eats a lot of veggies and meat.

Elimination of choice and Exercise are probably the 2 most important items.
Also you need to be aware of triggers and avoid those triggers.

His “Faster Than Normal Book” which Alex and I listend to on a long drive. Highly recommend this if you are a parent or student harnessing your ADHD.

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