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59: PHD Biomedical Engineering-Dean at Marquette University-Kris Ropella

Dr. Kris Ropella earned a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Marquette University and her Masters and PHD in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University.

[1:50] Why Kris decided on Biomedical engineering, even though she really enjoyed architecture.

[3:45] Careers available in Biomedical with BS, MS, or PHD degree.

[5:58] Kris’ insights into qualities needed to be successful in college, such as time discipline, managing time. But also need to take time for some fun to be well rounded. Don’t expect to be perfect, failure is important, take some risks. Need to have emotional intelligence / personal relationship.

[11:50] Advice for young women to get insights into STEM.

[13:40] Ah-ha moment. Her internship helped guide her career path and that is where she decided that she did not want to be a doctor.

[18:40] Best advice, better is often the enemy of good. Personal habit of exercise and a sound mind. Favorite books is the harry potter series.

[19:53] Parting guidance. Be true to yourself take time to reflect

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