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6: Environmental/Civil Engineer – Mythbusters The Search – PHD Tracy Fanara

Tracy Fanara (Dr. Tre) PHD in Environmental Engineering and star of Mythbusters the Search talks about what Environmental Engineers do and insights into being successful. Inspector Planet A BS in Environmental/Civil as all that is required to get a job after graduation and believes if you go the non-engineering route, you need at least a masters. At most schools now Environmental and Civil engineering are combined as there is a lot of crossover and as far as a typical workday for a research scientist, well there is non which keeps the job exciting!

She recommends that you allow yourself a path and journey through college and always follow your passion and be creative with it.

Tracy likes the engineering route as the classes teach you how to finish the challenging classes and is definitely worth it to spend nights studying, the classes can be very difficult!

Some advice is to never hesitate to ask questions and very key for your first job; intern, co-op, full time is that perception is reality.

Free Audio Book from Audible
Free Audio Book from Audible

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