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64: Computer Science working in cyber security – Daniel Feldman

Daniel Feldman earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Macalester College and a Master’s in Computer Science from The University of Minnesota. He is now a principal engineer at Scytale which is a security company.

[0:40] Differences between Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Software Engineering.

[2:25] Why Daniel went for computer science.

[4:50] Difference between a liberal arts college and larger college – was challenging finding a job graduating from a small liberal arts college.

[7:25] Daniel earned a stipend for graduate school and essentially went graduate school for free.

[8:25] Type of positions available for computer science graduates.

[10:20] One thing that has Dan fired up today is working in computer security.

[11:50] An ah-ha moment was when he started to meet with professionals outside of school – building his network has been very key.

[13:15] Getting through college successfully-he was overly pessimistic about his career possibilities and knows people in college who do software contracting on the side.

[16:57] Best advice ever received – ask a lot of questions and be interested in what others have to say. And a personal habit is that he is stubborn but has both good and bad

[17:50] Parting piece of guidance
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