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65: Never let others define your limitations! – Computer Science – John Hildebrand

John Hildebrand earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Systems from The University of Florida. John has held many Director and VP level positions in the wireless area and is now at CSpire which is a wireless company.

[0:45] John was able to become very technical early on and then leverage those technical skills as he moved into management.

[1:10] Why John chose computers/computer science as a career path, he went to college thinking he was going to be a nuclear engineer, but very quickly realized he really liked the programming.

[3:25] John’s specific area of expertise – department of useless management overhead – kidding aside – backend telecommunication systems.

[5:10] What has John fired up today is the emerging technologies. Network 2030; what does wireless look like In 2030. As speeds increase you will have more augmented reality on your phone.

[8:00] John would recommend computer science as a career path, there are so many opportunities available in wireless and in robotics Pepper there is so much computer software in robotics.

[10:15] If you are In the Jackson Mississippi area, reach out to John on Linked in (link above) and he may be able to demo the Pepper Robot.

[10:56] An ah-ha moment John turned into success-Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you don’t have the ability — you have to listen to this!

[14:10] Getting through college – 1) learn how to take good notes – quickly capture the essence of what is being said. 2) Have life balance – balance what you must do with what you would like to do. Employers are looking for people that have life balance.

[18:55] Best advice is to build strong personal relationships and always do what you know is right and a book he recommends is Introspective Engineer and the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team and I recommend Talent is Overrated.

[20:22] Parting piece of guidance — Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you don’t have the ability

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