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8: Chemical Engineering / President of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers – Bond Calloway

Bond Calloway earned his Chemical Engineering degree in 1984 from Auburn University. He has enjoyed a 30+ year career at the Savannah River National Laboratory most recently as the Associated Laboratory Director of Clean Energy Research. The national laboratories perform research in areas such as solar energy, electrical grid, nuclear fuel, and fusion energy. Most chemical engineers will start out in plant support or possibly product design but the career options are vast, you can move into sales or the financial world to name a few. You have heard about Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks, Bond actually applied these techniques to chemical engineering before they were household terms.

As a freshman in college, he recommends picking up something new, as you simply do not realize the opportunities available to you and you should also learn how to present in front of people, the soft skills.

Free Audio Book from Audible
Free Audio Book from Audible

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