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80: Science Geek to Management – Biology and MBA – John Heltemes

John Heltemes earned a Biology Degree and MBA fromThe University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and is a Senior Manager in Quality Control.

[1:05] Why Biology: Biology is a wide field; ecology, botany and microbiology – really enjoyed science and wanted to be broad.

[2:28] With degree from Whitewater – were there a lot of jobs? They did not call out Biology degrees, but there were a bunch for the science field. Most companies will train you for the actual roll.

[4:15] Going into management – there was a need to help drive the lab environment and he really enjoyed it. Started by doing what needed to be done and determined he needed to educate himself more in leadership and management, hence the MBA.

[6:10] At times you need to do things that just need to be done, and management will notice.

[9:00] John’s specific area of expertise: general biology is where it started – very quickly it moved into food microbiology and now specifically bacterial culture.

[11:00] What has John fired up today – in microbiology it is really evolving, and continues to be exciting.

[12:20] Ah Ha into success – Has always had a great work ethic, but did not understand what drove him. You need to be self-reflective to see what your strengths are.

[14:40] Getting through college – find a routine that works for you, but you are in control since you are on your own. Experience is key and you do not have to be perfect.

[17:00] Best advice – when it comes to your career do what you are good at.

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