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82: Civil Engineer – Was not aware of STEM until after her first degree – Mel Butcher

Mel Butcher earned a Masters in Civil Engineering with a focus water resources from The University of South Florida and is a consulting engineer.

[0:30] She was not aware of engineering when younger. Going off to college she was not equipped to make decision on the right career to choose.

[3:15] How did Mel determine that she wanted to pursue a STEM degree? It took success in the professional world to give her the confidence that she could pursue a STEM degree.

[5:10] Guidance for finding the right STEM profession.

[11:00] Getting through college, don’t wait until the last minute – in high school start to get active in organizations. It is also ok to take a break before getting into college and investigate trade jobs. Forget about what other people think.

[17:00] Parting advice – take a deep a breath and investigate how you can cultivate mindfulness. Nearly impossible to make a decision when you are 18, you can always course correct. – make a decision that works towards setting you up for success.

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