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84: Physics and PHD in Solar Physics studying the Sun – Stephanie Yardley

Stephanie Yardley earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Physics and a PHD in Solar Physics and is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of St. Andrews in Scottland.

[0:40] She is focused and studying the eruptions that come from the sun, and those eruptions can disrupt technology on earth. There is the solar wind, solar flares, and eruptions. Problems with satellites, GPS and radio black outs are just a short list of the problems these eruptions can cause.

[2:40] how did she decide on Physics? She really like applied math – she went on a trip to the Johnson space center in Texas and meet some of the astronauts and was hooked at that point.

[5:45] If you like the solar systems, and Astor-Physics – what are options outside of the research and the academic world? You could go into the engineering side, build instruments for satellites, space weather forecasting, energy sector to name a few.

[7:15] Fun fact; the sun light takes about 8-1/2 minutes to arrive to the earth, but it takes 100,000 years for the photons (light) to get from the center of the sun to the surface of the sun before making their way to Earth.

[8:50] What has Stephanie fired up? — Space travel is becoming closer for everyone, and technology is catching up where science fiction is becoming closer to reality.

[10:05] An ah ha moment was here amazing trip to the Johnson space center and they were able to simulate experiments between the control center and the ship on a mission.

[11:50] Getting through college – take every opportunity that comes along and persevere.

[15:10] Best advice – take every opportunity, and a habit is to persevere. She likes the night sky apps

App: Sun App
Book “15 Million Degrees” by Lucie Green

Twitter @Slyardley

[17:00] Parting guidance: just don’t give up.

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