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9: Industrial and Systems Engineer focused on Data Analytics – Brett Bodenburg

Brett Bodenburg graduated with an Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin Madison and is pursuing a master degree in Computing from Marquette University. He notes that you will not find a lot of jobs simply called Industrial, they are typically under the heading of Data Analytics, Data Scientist, or Data Engineers. If you like Business and Engineering Industrial and Systems engineering mixes business with engineering. You can tune your industrial degree during your last 2 years of school, Brett chose to focus on the quantitative approach with data modeling. What is important on the job is to be able to take the data collected and translate it into business sense and be a good story teller to be able to explain the story the data is showing.

Brett indicates that starting out in the STEM field can be intimidating and you don’t need to consider yourself a genius, just put in the work to get through.

Free Audio Book from Audible
Free Audio Book from Audible

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