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92: PHD Chemical Engineering – Stretchable Electronics – Michael Dickey

Michael Dickey earned a PHD in Chemical Engineering for the University of Texas at Austin and is a professor at NC state and has experiences with Nano Fabrication, liquid metals and stretchable electronics: The Dickey Group at NC State

[0:45] Little background of Michael – in high school he took a tour of a clean room, where electronics are made, and learned that computer chips are all done with chemical processes and that had an impact on his choice of majors in college – chemical engineering.

[3:20] Goes into the difference between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering – Chemist come up with the chemical reactions and chemical engineer works on the processes of these chemical reactions to build at scale.

[8:50] Stretchable Electronic discussion – one example is putting electronics directly on the skin, also fordable electronics and putting electronics into clothing. They are using liquid metal – Gallium straight of the periodic table.

[15:30] Getting through college – he has always been self-motivating. In college he took on a lot of activities, and some he was not passionate about – try to go deeper on a smaller number of activities would be his advice.

[17:40] Attributes in students who are the most successful; mature, self-starters, driven to do well, curious, strong math background, ask questions in class and come to office hours. You also need to develop good communication skills.

[19:20] Best advice – value of hard work and treat others the way you want to be treated and a favorite book is about the history of the periodic table The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean.

[21:30] Parting piece of guidance – take all advice for what it is worth, just someone else’s opinion – not all advice is great advice.

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