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95: PHD In Quantum Chemistry and Quantum Mechanics-From Professor to Sales-Eva Vankova

Eva Vankova earned a PHD in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Chemistry. She worked as a professor, travelled to different areas of the world and then took a position in sale at Exxon Mobile

[1:50] Eva goes into a little background about Quantum Chemistry – studying the smallest particles around us and they do not behave exactly like matter. This science is very much related to math as well as related to philosophy. Quantum chemistry is use in technology like lasers, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

[4:50] The difference between Chemistry and Quantum Chemistry – Quantum is more in the direction of Physics and Math.

[6:30] Do you need a PHD? Yes, a PHD may be needed to really pursue Quantum Chemistry.

[7:10] Eve went from Teaching at the college level to sales at Exxon Mobil. She likes to learn and work with a group of people and teach. Eva learns a lot from just listening and when you explain it, explain it simply not in a complicated fashion. This translates directly into sales.

[11:00] and ah ha moment – a simple book on relativity when she was a child. Her father was an engineer and she was an only child and passed his love for math and physics to Eva.

[14:50] Lightening round – best advice – too work hard and to be honest. And a book is any works from Karel Capek – he invented the word Robot in is book R.U.R.

[17:00] Parting piece of guidance – do sports!

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