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96: PHD Nanomedicine – Embedding messages into Nano Particles – Joy Wolfram

Joy Wolfram Earned her undergrad in Biology and a PHD in Nanomedicine. Joy’s mission is to use science to save lives.

[1:25] Careers with undergrad or graduate degree in Biology could be a writer for scientific journals or magazines. You could also go get a law degree and work on patents in the Biological arena.

[2:30] Joy describes what Nanomedicine is and how it spans physics and chemistry disciplines.

[4:40] What a day looks like running a research lab.

[6:00] How did Joy make the decision to go into Nanomedicine and her specific area of expertise along with what has her fired up!

[10:00] An Ah-Ha moment from Joy – at 11 years old her dog got sick and saw biology in action and from there created her own little lab at home.

[13:00] Getting through college – Have confidence in your unique ideas, ask questions, network and find a mentor

[14:40] Key skills – you need to be comfortable with failure.

[16:30] Best advice – be part of something bigger than yourself, and refuse to take no for an answer.

Joy’s Lab: Link

Joy’s TedX talk: Link

Book recommendation: The Immortal Life by Henrietta Lacks.

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